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still not getting it

Girl Code Theatre approached me to create some animations for their documentary Still Not Getting It, which aims to raise awareness of the sexual harassment which occurred in Brighton during the first lockdown. You can watch the trailer and find a link to stream the full film below!

Big thanks to director Maddie Ross & producer Keira Georgeson. Videography by Helen James

The brief for this project was to design and animate a stereotypical image of a ‘harasser’ this visual would be used in the documentary with a VO explaining that a harasser could be anyone, and doesn’t necessarily have to fit into our own subjective ideas. We wanted to make this little dude as gross as possible. I created 2 designs, and we all favoured the more alien-like of the pair! I included snot, bulging eyes and other various monster-like movements to his character (which was fun to shoot reference for!). As well as creating the title and other animations to be used throughout the film, Maddie later asked me if I could create 2 pairs of eyes that depict the fear and the upset victims of harassment face - this graphic would later be used across promotional material for the film

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