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through the keyhole

As part of a live brief during my MA, we worked with the National Trust to create an installation piece for a new exhibit at Seaton Delaval Hall. This involved regular meetings with our clients Imogen and Sarah to design and animate a short looping film that would, you guessed it, appear behind a keyhole of the unused rooms in the West Wing, that represented to visitors the kind of lifestyle the Deleval’s lived.

Special thanks to Alex price for his hard work making this with me

This was my first time working on a historic piece, and not only did we have the technical challenge of designing an animation that could be viewed behind a door, but also the care that is needed when representing history to visitors from the public. After pitching our ideas, my animation was selected for production and I teamed up with my classmate Alex to produce the piece.


Due to the turn-around time for the project, we approached this by using a semi-rotoscope method, where we drew our own costumes and characters over live-footage movement. The design was heavily influenced by the ink and print work used back then, while I created patterns for costume masks that took influence from the Georgian era being represented.

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