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my adventure

This project was an absolute dream for me to work on, but sadly short lived due to the effects of the pandemic which completely restricted access to university facilities and thus resulted in us unable to complete the film. 2 out of the 6 scenes we had planned for were finished, while the rest were fully animated, part textured, but not rendered.

*credits end of film*

My main role on this project was line-management, acting as research to inform my dissertation ‘Interpersonal means of management for globalised animation production’ and also because I enjoy the admin aspects of animation production. It was an incredible challenge to oversee a team of 9 people who were all limited to their at-home facilities and also coping with the stress of current events. I used the app Asana, as well as google sheets, to manage the project timeline - ensure each task was coded to a project, and each individual could be assigned tasks and notified about their progress. I worked with Alice as a co-director to oversee the visual elements while she concentrated on character animation, and set up group calls with different members of the team to follow their progress and offer any help we could. I created guides for our animators to follow and acted as their main point of contact if they ran into issues. I also created the main character’s design, the storyboards, the 3d layout and edited, graded and matte-painted the rendered images, while lending a hand to UV mapping and 3d modelling at points along the way. Oh, and I had to get in on the visual action somehow, so I created the credits!

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