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the magic of books

After a successful application to join 2018’s BFX competition, myself and classmates spent several weeks over the summer at Arts University Bournemouth, creating an animation for Bookaid International. The original script centres around Moses, a little boy who uses books to bring magic and adventure to his otherwise difficult life in a village.

Special thanks to Emma from Bookaid Int., Pete & Tracey from AUB

Our task was to bring Moses’ story to life in a 3D animation - which later led to an award for the Charity’s Pick. It was a great opportunity to produce work for a charity and for the first time collaborate in a larger team, receiving guidance from some of the industry’s leading professionals, as well as directly with a global organisation. My role started out as concept art and environment design for pre-production. I later took on roles such as 3D layout, texture art, and assisted with character animation.

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