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Northumbria university

In my MA year studying animation, I was chosen to be one of 5 digital content creators within the global marketing department, who acted as student ambassadors for the university in the form of online and socials content, that represented current student interests but mainly to promote the university and its facilities to prospective students. I often worked in collaboration with other creators on the team to edit together promotional videos and oversee live social media content. This was a great way for me to learn more traditional methods of video production, like directing and live footage, mainly involving interviews.

During the pandemic, I was teamed up with my classmate Tom to direct and create an infomercial for the arts department. We had no solid brief for this apart from a script and the direction to ‘make it look however you want’. In addition to the 2 week turnaround we made this experimentally, combining hand-drawn animated assets with cleaner vector movements. I was responsible for coming up with the storyboard/graphics, sourcing a VO artist and animating the hand-drawn assets.

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